Home town of Stalin in Gori and cave-city Uplistsikhe


Main attraction of Gori, city which is situated in the central part of Georgia, is the museum of Stalin. He was born here in 1878. In his museum you can observe different things of personal usage, his private office furniture, gifts and presents received from world leaders photos and documents. The little house where Stalin was born and armored trained which he visited Yalta can also be found at the territory of the museum. On the other side of the museum on the hill you can see Gori fortress we can ascend it and enjoy beautiful panorama of the city and its surroundings.

 Our next stop is Uplistsikhe. It’s an ancient cave-city and pagan city, which was situated on a silk road. City was made all in stone in II-I Millennium B.C. there is also a legend that the workers which were making these caves were given golden axes with iron head and the harder they worked the sooner they got the whole piece of gold.

 Itinerary: Museum of Stalin, Gori fortress, Uplistsikhe.

 Tour Price:

Individual up to 3 per $120 all,

4-7 per $30 per person,

8-10 per $25 per person.

 Not included:

Dinner, entrance to Stalin museum (15 Gel per person),

Entrance to Uplistsikhe 3 Gel per person.

 Meeting point Maidani square at 10 am, duration 5 hours.