Samtskhe-Javakheti: Vardzia, Rabat, Borjomi

First we are heading to Vardzia old and beautiful cave-city, but on the road to it we’ll also visit spectacular Tsalka water reservoir, Lake Paravani, and Akhalkalaki.

 After several hours we’ll get to Vardzia cave-city with cathedrals all in stone, it was built in 12th century by queen Tamara and consists of about 600 rooms and compartments. Here you can find cathedrals, chapels, cells library, remains of an old pharmacy, bathes and royal treasury storage. Also there are some secret paths, remains of water pipe and irrigation system.

 Our next stop is Akhaltsikhe, to say exactly Rabati fortress which was built in mid centuries and for 3 centuries was a center of Osman culture. On its territory you can find Christian church of St. Mary, a mosque,  catholic church, nunnery, synagogue and Armenian church.

 Then we move to Borjomi. Take a walk through the park and taste well know Borjomi mineral water and move to the upper part of the park by cableway. During cold period of the year cableway might not work (usually it’s between November and April).  Then we return to Tbilisi.

 Itinerary: Tsalka water reservoir, Lake Paravani, Vardzia, Akhaltsikhe, Rabati fortress, Borjomi.

 Tour price: Individual up to 3 per $400 all,

4-7 per $85 per person,

8-15 per $65 per peson.

 Not included: Dinner, Entrance to Vardzlia 3 Gel, Rabati 5 Gel, Borjomi cableway 6 Gel, Entrance to Borjomi park 1 Gel.

 Beginning 08:00 am meeting point Meidani square. Duration 12 hours.