Kakheti – Cradle of wine


In the east part of Georgia there is a region where every single person is growing grapes and making wine, each of them can talk hours and hours to you about his region and especially wine. Each of them sincerely believe that his wine is the best and to proof this kindly will invite you to try his red dry or white dry wine. This is region of Kakheti.  But before beginning degustation of wine we will visit sisters monastery of Bodbe.

 Here are buried relics of St. Nino Cappadocian which has brought Christianity to Georgia in the 4th century. After we’ll visit Signaghi – city of love. One of the most beautiful cities of Georgia, which is situated near the monastery of Bodbe and is surrounded by fortification wall. From this wall you’d be able to see whole Alazani valley where about 75 grape varieties are grown, each in their own microclimate.

 And here it comes we will travel to another city Kvareli and visit wine factory Kindzmarauli which is one of the oldest in Georgia and is dated back to 16th century. Here you will see how wine is produced and bottled and understand what is the difference between Georgian and European technology of making wine. In the end of excursion you’ll be able to try 4 different wines. On the way back we will visit monastery of Nekresi and take a walk to the manor of Aleksandre  Chavchavadze in Tsinandali.

 Itinerary: Monastery of Bodbe, Signaghi, Kindzmarauli wine factory, Gremi, manor of Aleksandre Chavchavadze.

 Tour prices:

Individual up to 3 per $140 for all,

4-7 per $40 per person,

8-10 per  $35 per person.

 Not included:

dinner degustation of 4 types of wine 5 gel per person,

tickets to Tsinandali 5 Gel per person.

On Mondays museum in the manor of Aleksandre Chavchavadze does not work.

Meeting point Meidani square at 9 am.

Duration 10 hours.