A walk to the mountains – Kazbegi


If you like mountains this excursion is for you. Our rote from Tbilisi to Kazbegi will be via Georgia Military Road which goes alongside of river Aragvi. Throughout the way you’ll feel all the beauty of Dusheti region, with its high mountains and fascinating nature.  Tbilisi will be our starting point, we first drive near Mtskheta ancient capital of Georgia and you’ll also see Monastery of Jvari on the mountain.

 Our First stop would be near Ananuri fortress with beautiful view over Jinvali water reservoir. Then we take our way to Gudauri village which is famous skiing resort.  But before reaching Gudauri we’ll stop and take pictures of mountains  from the observation deck called  “arc of friendship” on the road we also stop near salty spring which makes mountains look like they are covered with iced rust.

 And at last we’ll get to Kazbegi, and visit the monastery of St. Trinity Gergeti which is situated on a hill near it. From there you can take a picture of a beautiful view over the mountain Kazbegi (5047m).

 Itinerary: Ananuri, Arc of Frendship, salty springs, Kazbegi, Gergeti.

 Due to weather conditions it’s not always possible to get to St. Trinity of Gergeti by car. In rainy days or snowy winter one can get there only on foot. So please consider it.  Also car should have 4 wheel drive system to get there so as road condition is quite poor. In case of more than 7 person we’ll get to Kazbegi on Mini bus like Ford Transit and each person should pay additional 10 Gel for minivan in Kazbegi to get to that mountain and monastery.

Tour prices:

Individual up to 3 per $140 all,

4-7 per $40 per person,

8-20 $35 per person.

Not included: Dinner and Minivan cost if needed.

Meeting point Meidani Square at 9 am duration 8-9 hours.